Wynn Resorts to donate $7.5m in disaster relief to Macau and Houston areas

Over the past few weeks, natural disasters have wreaked havoc across the globe, including in areas such as Macau and Houston. The major cities have been impacted so much, t 7BALL hat millions are needed in relief efforts. Individuals have died and many harmed as Typhoon Hato hit Macau and as Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas. Homes and businesses were totally destroyed, with residents left displaced and a great need for food, water, clothing and shelter in both areas. Gaming company Wynn Resorts pledged last Friday to donate $7.5 million to assist with relief efforts.

In a statement provided to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, CEO and Wynn Resorts Chairman Steve Wynn said that it is very sad and a tragic coincidence that two major cities were affected where Wynn employees are located and customers frequent, just within a few days of each other. The events took place 8,000 miles apart but have affected the lives of employees and friends of Wynn in both cities and the casino magnate felt moved to help.

Typhoon Hato hit Macau on August 23rd while Hurricane Harvey hit just a few days later in Texas. For Macau, Wynn Resorts will be providing $3.75 million in assistance. Volunteer efforts will continue, including the distribution of water and supplies along with cleanup and rebuilding. In Houston, the company will also be donating $3.75 million in aid to help those who were affected by the hurricane.

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