OKTO Expands Into North America with Flexia Payments Acquisition

In a strategic move to bolster its presence in North America, OKTO, the Greece-based payments group, has announced the successful acquisition of Flexia Payments, a specialized fintech company headquartered in the United States. 

OKTO and Flexia Pioneer Digital Payments in North American Casinos

Flexia Payments, renowned for its innovative cashless system, is seamlessly integrated with key partners including WinSystems, Axes Information Management Systems, and CasinoTrac. The collaboration between OKTO and Flexia aims to accelerate the digital transformation of customer experiences in both gaming and non-gaming activities across various casinos and gaming venues in North America.

OKTO’s vice president of North America, Theo Engelis, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “This acquisition aims to place OKTO at the forefront of digital payment services provision in the North American land-based and online gaming markets via its omnichannel offering. We’re excited about this partnership, which marks a significant enhancement for both companies, and aligns with our ongoing cashless strategy in Europe and Latin America.”

The synergy between OKTO and Flexia will empower North American casinos and gaming venues to seamlessly transition towards full digitalization of customer interactions. Flexia’s expertise lies in merging casino and online wagering accounts, along with casino loyalty programs, all integrated into a unified digital payment solution – the Flexia Prepaid Mastercard.

Flexia Payments CEO Hails Game-Changing Partnership with OKTO

Craig Libson, the CEO and co-founder of Flexia Payments, emphasized the transformative potential of the partnershi ph646 p, stating that their collaboration with OKTO has granted them access to significant resources and capabilities. He mentioned that it would expedite the deployment of advanced cashless and omnichannel payment services to the growing gaming market.

Libson further added: “With the amalgamation of our strengths and OKTO’s powerful payment technology, we are well-positioned not only in the North American market but also beyond, creating one of the most extensive international footprints in cashless gaming fintech.”

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This strategic alignment allows Flexia Payments to realize its mission of driving digital payment innovation in both online and land-based casino gaming, while OKTO establishes itself as a key player in the North American gaming landscape, revolutionizing the way customers experience gaming and paving the way for a cashless future in the industry.

In June, OKTO announced another strategic partnership with Europe’s leading open banking payments network, Truelayer. Through this collaboration, OKTO enhanced its Cashless Solutions by incorporating Truelayer’s instant bank payment capabilities. OKTO’s products, including OKTO.WALLET and OKTO.DIRECT, now offers customers instant bank payments for both withdrawals and deposits, enhancing the overall user experience.

This collaboration aimed to accelerate OKTO’s expansion efforts in Europe and enhance its presence in the entertainment and retail gaming verticals. Additionally, Macao Win, an Italian online casino operator, partnered with Okto to offer players a seamless and efficient top-up experience through Okto’s e-Voucher cash payment solution.