League of Legends Betting Odds: July 30 – August 5

The League of Legends regular-season games continue from July 30 through August 5, promising another exciting round of LoL esports action to see. Some of the u lg777 pcoming games are not necessarily too evenly matched, but with the LOL esports betting odds constantly shifting, the opportunity for a value bet is ever-present.

We have summarized several high-profile matches that will take place across the LPL and LDL, and which will create real value to turn an underdog bet into a winner.

With the World Championship approaching, you will want to keep your eyes peeled for how teams perform during the regular season. In the meantime, you can benefit from taking a look at the available betting odds for regular league games below.

League of Legends Betting Odds (July 30 – August 5)

Edward Gaming-10000Victory Five+873CompetitionLPLDateJuly 30

Team We-416Rogue Warriors+255CompetitionLPLDateJuly 30

Top Esports-1000Ultra Prime+444CompetitionLPLDateJuly 31

Top Esports-1000Ultra Prime+444CompetitionLPLDateJuly 31

FunPlus Phoenix-166Jd Gaming+121CompetitionLDLDateJuly 31

LGD Gaming-166Oh My God+115CompetitionLPLDateAugust 1

Team We-192Invictus Gaming  +133CompetitionLPLDateAugust 1

Bilibili Gaming-416Invictus Gaming  +115CompetitionLPLDateAugust 2

Royal Never Give Up-217Team We  +148CompetitionLPLDateAugust 3

Suning-666TT Gaming  +352CompetitionLPLDateAugust 4

FunPlus Phoenix-5000Victory Five+823CompetitionLDLDateAugust 4

Ultra Prime-136TT Gaming-104CompetitionLPLDateAugust 5

Edward Gaming-303LNG Esports+194CompetitionLPLDateAugust 5

Top LoL Picks for July 30 – August 5

There is a lot of League of Legends action across the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) and The League of Legends Development League (LDL), with some games clearly favoring one party by too much. However, we have been able to go through the majority of matches and find at least three excellent LoL betting opportunities.

LGD Gaming vs. Oh My God Pick

First, there is LGD Gaming (-166) playing Oh My God (+115) on Sunday. LGD Gaming is currently ranking 12th in the LPL after a series of bad beats and an underwhelming performance.

Conversely, Oh My God has been able to push to 8th position and has much fewer losses compared to the teams ahead of them. Posted at (-166) favorites, LGD Gaming is tipped to succeed in the weekend game.

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Yet, we believe that Oh My God’s current standing in the LPL gives them a significant edge and you should probably pick OMG over LGD Gaming for this one.

Pick Oh My God to Win (+115)

Royal Never Give Up vs. Team We Pick

There seems to be yet another great value betting opportunity. Royal Never Given Up currently ranks 10th in the overall standing in the LPL and is nevertheless posted as favorites at (-217).

This comes to Team We’s listing as underdogs at (+148). While the oddsmakers at MyBookie.ag seem to think that RNG has the upper hand here, our gut tells us that Team We will continue to carry on their momentum.

They are riding a four-game win streak and, with the games against Rogue Warriors and Invictus still pending, there is a good chance that Team We could be coming with a six-game winning streak for the game on August 3.

The only thing we feel you ought to be aware of is that Team We will be playing many more games than their opponents, leading to a drop in their performance.

Pick Team We to win (+148)

Edward Gaming vs LNG Esports Pick

The game between Edward Gaming and LNG pits two distinct LPL teams against each other. Edward is currently standing in the LPL group standing with LNG being third. The odds put Edward Gaming as a strong favorite at (-303) against LNG’s (+194).

However, Edward did lose two consecutive games and is set up to play versus Victory Five on Friday. Meanwhile, LNG has had some issues to address with its roster, but this seems to be in the past now.

Pick LNG Esports to win (+194)