Last minute plan comes to light in Connecticut involving Bridgeport casino and two state tribes

The fight for a casino in Bridgeport, Connecticut heated up yesterday as a last minute deal was under consideration. A plan was in place to get rid of the longtime plans of MGM to build a casino on the waterfront in Bridgeport and instead, allow the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes create a smaller resort. Governor, Ned Lamont, urged fellow lawmakers to not approve the deal.

Last Minute Plan:

With the last-minute plan up for consideration, the two tribes would receive $100 million in public subsidies as well as exclusive rights for sports betting. They would also be given the go-ahead to open even more gaming venues. Bridgeport Mayor, Joe Ganim, is pushing the idea and hopes that something similar can be worked on during a special session this summer.

Senator, Dennis Bradley, had created terms within an amendment that would be attached to 7BALL a bill for casino expansion that had been sitting in the Senate since April. The plan began circulating within the House and Senate this week. It would have given both the Mashantucket Pequot and the Mohegan tribes the right to develop a casino in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The deal would also allow the tribes to maintain authorization from 2017 to create a casino in East Winsdor, one that would compete with the nearby MGM Springfield. On top of that, the plan would also allow the tribes to create up to three facilities called an entertainment zone offering sports betting in other regions.

The goal this week was to see the legislation moved before a midnight deadline. However, that did not happen. The idea would most likely have generated lawsuits from MGM as well as sports betting companies wanting in on the action.

According to…

Governor Lamont released a statement via a spokesperson which read: “This 11th hour proposal has not been fully vetted or reviewed, and with only one day until the end of session, it’s not in the public’s best interest to take up this matter.”

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The statement said further that instead of finding a resolution on outstanding litigation, it would put the state at an increased risk of litigation from multiple parties.

Maintaining Optimism:

Despite the setback, Mayor Ganim is still thinking positively. He feels that a deal will be reached that will satisfy everyone. For MGM to be in agreement, the tribes will most likely have to let go of their plan to build near the Hartford area. Of course, the tribes are not in agreement and have already said no deal.

The talks regarding the tribes and Bridgeport have taken place event though the city has been working with MGM on a concept for a casino over a two year time frame. MGM has promised to bring as many as 7,000 jobs to the region.