Esports Entertainment Reinforced Financial Team with Damian Mathews as CFO

Esports Entertainment Group, a full-stack esports and online gambling company, has reinforced its leadership team with the addition of Damian Mathews. He will serve as the company’s new chief financial officer, will assume the role of chairman of the audit committee, and will retain his position on its board of directors.

Esports Entertainment Acquires Mathews as CFO

Mathews is experienced with financial and leadership positions and has worked for several companies. He directed NZ Pacific Investments, a consultancy of his own from 2009 to 2012. After that, he served as the chief financial officer of the Qatar and Abu Dhabi Investment Company for five years and a half. He is currently the group chief operating officer at Quattro Real Estate – a position he has held for almost a year now.

In June 2020, Mathews joined Esports Entertainment Group as a director. Since then, he has helped guide the company down the right path. Thanks to his hard work, Mathews has been chosen as the company’s new chief financial officer, replacing Dan Marks who will relinquish the role on April 2.

As a CFO, Mathews’ job will be to mitigate Esports Entertainment Group’s losses and help it to boost its revenues. The rise of operating costs and lower revenues across certain verticals recently resulted in the company losing $35 million. Not everything is grim, how 291bet ever, as Esports Entertainment’s iGaming revenues have been strong – something Mathews will likely capitalize on.

Mathews Will Help the Company Expand Its Business

“I look forward to helping Esports Entertainment Group in its efforts to further expand its market share in the coming year,” Mathews said.

He is excited by the opportunity to help Esports Entertainment Group recuperate from the losses and assist the company with its growth. He added that there is a lot of potential in the esports market and believes that 2022 will be a pivotal year to grab market share and enhance Esports Entertainment’s products.

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He explained that he thinks the company’s offerings are still in the early stages of their growth cycles and is sure that there will be tons of opportunities to grow and improve them.

Grant Johnson, the chief executive officer of Esports Entertainment Group, also spoke on the new appointee. He welcomed Mathews, saying his 25 years of global experience will greatly benefit the company.

“Damian has been a valuable part of the company’s board since 2020 and we’re confident his expertise and leadership will make him a critical partner as we execute on our strategic and financial plan for this year and beyond.”

EEG CEO Grant Johnson

Despite facing some hurdles here and there, Esports Entertainment Group has been working hard to distinguish itself on the market. Last year, the company inked crucial deals with a few sports franchises, including the NFL teams Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.